Executive Director



The current Executive Director of the Royal Society is Dr Julie Maxton, who took up her post in March 2011.

The Executive Director heads the Society’s permanent staff and is responsible for the general administrative business of the Society. He or she may not be a Fellow of the Society or, if a Fellow, shall cease to be so on appointment to the post.

Past Executive Directors

This list gives the year of appointment for past Executive Directors. Until 1810, this post was variously styled 'assistant secretary', 'clerk', 'librarian', 'housekeeper', etc., and in some instances the titles were combined. In 1962 the post was restyled 'Executive Secretary' and in 2010 it became 'Executive Director'.

Stephen James Cox [1997]; Peter Tolman Warren [1985]; Ronald William John Keay [1977]; David Christie Martin [1947]; John David Griffith Davies [1937]; Ronald Winckworth [1932]; Francis Alexander Towle [1921]; Edwin Deller [1920]; Robert William Frederick Harrison [1896]; Herbert Rix [1885]; Walter White [1861]; Charles Richard Weld [1843]; John David Roberton [1835]; James Hudson [1826]; Stephen Lee [1810]; George Gilpin [1785]; John Robertson (son of the above) [1777]; John Robertson [1768]; Emanuel Mendez da Costa [1763]; Francis Hauksbee [1723]; Alban Thomas [1713]; John Thorpe [1707]; Humphrey Wanley [1700]; Israel Jones [1698]; Edmond Halley [1685]

Sir Paul Nurse FRS 

Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS

Physical Secretary
Professor Alex Halliday FRS

Biological Secretary
Sir John Skehel FRS

Foreign Secretary
Professor Martyn Poliakoff CBE FRS 

Executive Director
Dr Julie Maxton