The Officers of the Society are five elected members of the Council. The Officers hold office for one year are eligible for re-election for no more than five years. They give up their time to oversee aspects of the Society’s work and by advising staff help it to achieve its objectives.

The President presides at meetings of the Council and is Chairman of the Trustees. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping the accounts and administering the Society’s finances.

The President and Treasurer are accompanied by three Secretaries. The Physical Sciences Secretary ('Sec. A') and the Biological Sciences Secretary ('Sec. B') are responsible for overseeing the Society’s scientific business. The Foreign Secretary is responsible for overseeing the Society’s international business.

The Officers for 2014-2015 are:

Sir Paul Nurse FRS (President)

Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS (Treasurer and Vice-President)

Professor Alex Halliday FRS (Physical Secretary and Vice-President)

Sir John Skehel FRS (Biological Secretary and Vice-President)

Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff FRS (Foreign Secretary and Vice-President)

This lists below give the year of appointment for past Officers of the Royal Society. Biographical information on past Officers of the Royal Society is available from The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Archive Resource.

Past Biological Sciences Secretaries

Dame Jean Thomas [2008]; Sir David Read [2003]; Sir Paul Patrick Gordon Bateson [1998]; Sir Peter Julius Lachmann [1993]; Sir Brian Keith Follett [1987]; Sir David Cecil Smith [1983]; David Caton Phillips, Baron Phillips of Ellesmere [1976]; Sir Bernard Katz [1968]; Sir Arnold Ashley Miles [1963]; Sir George Lindor Brown [1955]; Sir Edward James Salisbury [1945]; Archibald Vivian Hill [1935]; Sir Henry Hallett Dale [1925]; Sir William Bate Hardy [1915]; Sir John Rose Bradford [1908]; Sir Archibald Geikie [1903]; Sir Michael Foster [1881]; Thomas Henry Huxley [1872]; William Sharpey [1853]; Thomas Bell [1848]; Peter Mark Roget [1827]; Sir John Frederick William Herschel [1824]; Taylor Combe [1812]; Sir Humphry Davy [1807]; Edward Whitaker Gray [1797]; Sir Charles Blagden [1784]; Paul Henry Maty [1778]; Samuel Horsley [1773]; Charles Morton [1759]; Peter Davall [1747]; John Machin [1718]; Brook Taylor [1714]; Richard Waller [1710]; John Harris [1709]; Richard Waller [1687]; Sir John Hoskins [1685]; Francis Aston [1681]; Thomas Gale [1679]; Nehemiah Grew [1677]; Thomas Henshaw [1675]; Abraham Hill [1673]; John Evelyn [1672]; Thomas Henshaw [1668]; John Wilkins [1663]

Past Physical Sciences Secretaries

Sir John Pethica [2009]; Sir Martin Taylor [2004]; Sir John Enderby [1999]; Sir John Shipley Rowlinson [1994]; Sir Francis Graham-Smith [1988]; Sir Roger James Elliott [1984]; Sir Theodore Morris Sugden [1978]; Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson Massey [1969]; Sir Michael James Lighthill [1965]; Sir William Valance Douglas Hodge [1957]; Sir David Brunt [1948]; Sir Alfred Charles Glyn Egerton [1938]; Sir Frank Edward Smith [1929]; Sir James Hopwood Jeans [1919]; Sir Arthur Schuster [1912]; Sir Joseph Larmor [1901]; Sir Arthur William Rucker [1896]; John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Rayleigh [1885]; Sir George Gabriel Stokes [1854]; Samuel Hunter Christie [1837]; John George Children [1830]; Sir Edward Sabine [1827]; John George Children [1826]; William Thomas Brande [1816]; William Hyde Wollaston [1804]; Joseph Planta [1776]; Matthew Maty [1765]; Thomas Birch [1752]; Cromwell Mortimer [1730]; William Rutty [1727]; James Jurin [1721]; Edmund Halley [1713]; Sir Hans Sloane [1693]; Tancred Robinson [1685]; Thomas Gale [1685]; William Musgrave [1684]; Robert Plot [1682]; Robert Hooke [1677]; Henry Oldenburg [1663]

Past Treasurers

Sir Peter Williams [2007]; Sir David James Wallace [2002]; Sir Eric Albert Ash [1997]; Sir John Harold Horlock [1992]; Sir Robert William Kerr Honeycombe [1986]; Sir Basil John Mason [1976]; Sir James Woodham Menter [1972]; Sir Frederick Charles Bawden [1968]; Alexander Fleck, Baron Fleck of Saltcoats [1960]; William George Penney, Baron Penney of East Hendred [1956]; Sir Thomas Ralph Merton [1939]; Sir Henry George Lyons [1929]; Sir David Prain [1919]; Sir Alfred Bray Kempe [1898]; Sir John Evans [1878]; William Spottiswoode [1870]; William Allen Miller [1861]; Sir Edward Sabine [1850]; George Rennie [1845]; Sir John William Lubbock [1838]; Francis Baily [1835]; Sir John William Lubbock [1830]; Henry Kater [1827]; Davies Gilbert [1819]; Samuel Lysons [1810]; William Marsden [1802]; Samuel Wegg [1768]; James West [1736]; Roger Gale [1728]; Alexander Pitfeild [1700]; Abraham Hill [1679]; Daniel Colwall [1665]; William Balle [1663]; Abraham Hill [1663]

Past Foreign Secretaries

Lorna Ann Casselton [2006]; Dame Julia Stretton Higgins [2001]; Sir Robert Brian Heap [1996]; Dame Anne Laura McLaren [1991]; Sir Michael Anthony Epstein [1986]; Sir Arnold Stanley Vincent Burgen [1981]; Sir Michael George Parke Stoker [1976]; Sir Kingsley Charles Dunham [1971]; Sir Harold Warris Thompson [1965]; Sir Reginald Patrick Linstead [1960]; Sir Henry Gerard Thornton [1955]; Sir Cyril Norman Hinshelwood [1950]; Edgar Douglas Adrian, 1st Baron Adrian of Cambridge [1946]; Archibald Vivian Hill [1945]; Sir Henry Thomas Tizard [1940]; Sir Albert Charles Seward [1934]; Robert John Strutt, 4th Baron Rayleigh [1929]; Sir Henry George Lyons [1928]; Sir Richard Tetley Glazebrook [1924]; Sir Arthur Schuster [1920]; Sir William Abbott Herdman [1916]; Dukinfield Henry Scott [1912]; Sir William Crookes [1908]; Sir John Rose Bradford [1907]; Sir Francis Darwin [1903]; Sir Thomas Edward Thorpe [1899]; Sir Edward Frankland [1895]; Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister [1893]; Sir Archibald Geikie [1889]; Alexander William Williamson [1873]; William Hallowes Miller [1856]; William Henry Smyth [1850]; Sir Edward Sabine [1845]; John Frederic Daniell [1839]; William Henry Smyth [1837]; Charles Dietrich Eberhard Konig [1830]; Thomas Young [1804]; Charles Peter Layard [1784]; Charles Hutton [1779]; Joseph Planta [1774]; Paul Henry Maty [1772]; John Bevis [1766]; Matthew Maty [1762]; James Parsons [1751]; Thomas Stack [1748]; Joannes Jacobus Dillenius and John Gaspar Scheuchzer [1728]; Philip Henry Zollman [1723]

Sir Paul Nurse FRS 

Professor Anthony Cheetham FRS

Physical Secretary
Professor Alex Halliday FRS

Biological Secretary
Sir John Skehel FRS

Foreign Secretary
Professor Martyn Poliakoff CBE FRS 

Executive Director
Dr Julie Maxton