Royal Society Pfizer African Academies Programme


The Royal Society Pfizer African Academies Programme is an on-going programme to provide training, mentoring and project support to develop and strengthen national science academies in Ghana, Tanzania and Ethiopia in partnership with Network of African Science Academies (NASAC).

The programme is flexible to fit each academy’s needs, with the Royal Society and NASAC working closely with each academy to maximise and tailor the impact of the programme to individual country context. 

Since its launch the programme has focused on establishing relationships, building stronger capacity in areas identified by the academies as priorities, and increasing the relevance of science academies in their national context.

Notable achievements have included the launch of the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences in 2010, and their subsequent development of a strategic plan which includes a focus on young scientists; the involvement of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences in a national science congress and its programme to improve science communication; and the Tanzania Academy of Sciences focus on an overarching strategy for agricultural research. The programme has also supported international and national workshops, a science journalism prize, staff training events and roundtables on specific science sectors.

Download a full report of the first three years of the programme (PDF).

In addition, the Royal Society has supported attendance at key regional policy fora and other strategic international meetings and have helped all three of the academies leverage external funding.

In October 2011, the Royal Society hosted 13 of the 17 African national academies of science to determine the role of science academies in Africa. This event allowed the academies to showcase their progress and share what they had learned with regional and continental counterparts. Download a full report of the event here (PDF).