Physical Sciences Awards Committee

This committee's role is to assess nominations for, and advise Council on, recipients of the medals, awards and prizes relating to the physical sciences.

The committee is sometimes referred to as the 'A-side Awards Committee'. It is responsible for assessing nominations for the Bakerian Lecture, Copley Medal, Clifford Paterson Lecture, Davy Medal, Gabor Medal, Hughes Medal, Kavli Medal and Lecture, Leverhulme Medal, Royal Medal, Rumford Medal and Sylvester Medal.

The members of the committee for 2015 are:

  • Professor Alex Halliday FRS (Chair)
    Vice President and Physical Secretary of the Royal Society
  • Professor Alex Wilkie FRS
    School of Mathematics, University of Manchester
  • Dr Peter Goddard CBE FRS
    Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
  • Professor John Toland FRSE FRS
    Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  • Professor Peter Raynes FRS
    Department of Chemistry, University of York
  • Professor Michael Ashfold FRS
    School of Chemistry, University of Bristol
  • Professor Malcolm Levitt FRS
    School of Chemistry, University of Southampton
  • Professor Ruth Lynden-Bell FRS
    Queen's University Belfast and University of Cambridge
  • Professor Norman Fleck FREng FRS
    Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Jonathan Keating FRS
    Department of Mathematics, University of Bristol
  • Professor Julia Yeomans FRS
    Department of Physics, University of Oxford