Robert Kunzig

Mapping the Deep – The Extraordinary Story of Ocean Science

Winner, Aventis Prize for Science Books 2001

We know that sea currents control our climate but we don't know how. Ocean scientists are also pretty sure that we could reverse the greenhouse effect by manipulating plankton blooms with doses of iron but fear we might trigger another ice age in the act. Mapping the Deep is a state-of-the ocean report on the sea and its science. Kunzig draws you into a compelling narrative of oceanographers past and present scientists, pioneers, maverick thinkers, deep water divers and submersible pilots.

Judges' comments

A great read. This is a well-written book that combines description with fact about an important area of science that not a great deal is written about.

Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books

Royal Society Prize for Science Books

Aventis Prize for Science Books

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