Nick Arnold

Really Rotten Experiments

Winner, Junior Prize 2004

Ever wanted to experiment with the sick side of science? Really Rotten Experiments is packed with loud, noisy, wet and soggy experiments that are guaranteed to make your friends and teachers squirm! Are you itching to find out...

  • who invented pong-free underpants?
  • which strange scientists ate tadpoles for tea?
  • the revolting recipe for green slime?
  • how you can make £5 without doing any work?

Plus learn to dance like a skunk, eat like a chimp and chat in cat language. With crazy cartoons, queasy quizzes and a terrible term at Rotten Road School, Really Rotten Experiments is simply oozing with info!

Judges' comments

"Really Rotten Experiments was easy to read and understand and it was great learning about the awesome experiments you can do at home. I would definitely recommend this to lots of people my age. This book for me has been a success!" (Rebecca, 12, Manchester)

"It is the sort of book that many people could pick up, even if they are adults." (Sophie, 10, Yatton CEVC Junior School)

It made science funny, with its cast of comic characters." (Andrew, 11, The Perse Preparatory School)

Kate Heavenor, Chair of the 2004 Junior Prize judges: "Really Rotten Experiments is an exceptional title which will keep children entertained for hours. Nick keeps his readers engaged by explaining scientific experiments in a fun and humorous light and the outstanding illustrations really add to the book's appeal. Congratulations to Nick and Tony for a truly compelling book."

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

Royal Society Junior Prize for Science Books

Royal Society’s Aventis Prize for Science Books’ Junior Prize

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