Rebecca Gilpin and Leonie Pratt

Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do
Winner, Junior Prize 2008

Leonie Pratt Ms Leonie Pratt accepting the prize.
  • A brand-new bumper activity book to introduce children to the world of science in a practical and interactive way.
  • Contains 57 activities including bubbling wizard's brew, magic flowers, panpipe straws, a spinning paper helicopter and a light catcher.
  • Each activity uses simple and safe materials and is described by step-by-step instructions and illustrations.
  • The activities are also accompanied by simple explanations of the science involved, including density, air pressure, streamlining and wind power.
  • With over 800 colourful stickers to decorate the projects with.

Judges' comments

On shortlisting, the Junior Prize judging panel said: "A good 'doing' book. With so many practical activities to engage children they won't be able to put this book down!"

Comments from the judging panels that selected the winner include: Nathan aged 11: "I liked the experiments in The Big Book of Science things to make and do. So did my mum." Surabhi aged 12 said: "I enjoyed it as well as my little sister who's five, so it must be good!  [It's] a fun way to get children learning about Science."

Frankie aged 11 said: "This book is ace, we made the helicopters straight away, all the activities look fun and are dead easy to do, I would like to own this book."

Iona aged 12 said: "I wanted to read this book because of all the cool things you can make and I wanted to make them. This book helps you to learn about science but also helps you see what they are explaining by giving you activities to do."

On hearing the news that the young judges had selected this book as the winner, Keith Chambers, Chair of the Junior Prize judging panel said: "Big Book of Science things to make and do isn't just a craft book. All the activities are designed to demonstrate fundamental scientific concepts and bring them to life in interesting way. The book is great fun so I'm not surprised that the young people judging the junior prize loved the book. It will appeal to young people of all ages and abilities. It's colourful, engaging and a really deserving winner."

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