Corina Fletcher, Jennie Maizels and Kate Petty

Global Garden
Winner, Junior Prize 2006

Fletcher Petty Maizels

Global Garden is a beautifully detailed pop-up book where children can learn about the origins of every day foods and clothing. For those that have ever wondered where sugar comes from, or what a chocolate tree looks like, where jeans grow or what a bicycle tyre plant looks like the answers are all in Global Garden.  Friendly bees guide the reader through the book. There are also some rather green-fingered moles dotted about for young readers to spot.

Judges' comments

Ecsite-UK's Rosalind Mist, who coordinated the Junior Judging Panels, said; "The young readers just loved the interactivity of this book; Kate and Jennie really made it exciting for them to explore the environmental issues on their doorsteps. The young judges thought that the book is informative and conscientious, conveying serious issues to the children in a clear and stimulating way."

Zachary (10 years-old) said; "This book really caught my attention and when I did look in the book it was full of pictures and really colourful. They had pop-ups and even babies would like it." Tabby (14) was equally delighted with the book, adding; "We wish our text books were like this".

Anne Fine added; "The Global Garden is a super read. It really is a beautifully put-together book: well-written and fact-filled as well as entertaining and engaging. Kate and Jennie were able to understand exactly what the young readers wanted out of a science book."

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Royal Society Junior Prize for Science Books

Royal Society’s Aventis Prize for Science Books’ Junior Prize

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