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Papers and records

Biographical records

Biographical records are available for all Fellows from 1660 onwards. The Sackler Foundation generously funded the creation of this database, which is known as The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Archive Resource.

Much of the information is based on ’Bulloch’s Roll’, a biographical listing of Fellows from 1663-1940 compiled by William Bulloch FRS. From 1941 onwards Fellows were invited to provide Personal Records in order to record details on their lives and careers in a standardised way.

The records contain information including Fellows’ names and titles, dates of birth, death and election to the Society, offices held, Society medals won and lectures delivered. They may also include details of a Fellow's education, career, and membership of other societies.

A complete listing of the Fellowship from 1660 to 2019 is available for download (PDF). A list of our current Fellows is also available.

Personal papers

The Society holds a collection of correspondence, manuscripts and personal papers of eminent scientists.

Reference Number Name Dates
PB Blackett, Patrick Maynard Stuart (1897-1974) 1911-1975
CB Blagden, Charles (1748-1820) 1771-1820
RB Boyle, Robert (1627-91) 17th century
HD Dale, Henry Hallett (1875-1968) 1888-1968
HF Florey, Howard Walter (1898-1968) 1924-1968
TG Gold, Thomas (1920-2004) Nov 1944-Sep 2004
JFWH Herschel, John Frederick William (1792-1871) 1812-1865
JHJ Jeans, James Hopwood (1877-1946) 1896-1945
OL Loewi, Otto (1873-1961) 1917-1960
CLH Longuet-Higgins, Christopher (1923-2004) 1943-2004
JWL Lubbock, John William (1803-1865) 1821-1860
ROR Robinson, Robert (1886-1975) 1902-1983
FS Simon, Francis (Franz) Eugen (1893-1956) 1906-1956
HWT Thompson, Harold Warris (1908-1983) 1934-1984
CW Wilson, Charles Thomson Rees (1869-1959) 1896-1910

Scientific papers and correspondence

The scientific papers and correspondence include papers sent to the Society, papers presented to meetings of Fellows and papers commissioned by the Society.

Many of the papers were published in Philosophical Transactions, the Society’s journal.

Reference Number Name Dates
AP Archived Papers: scientific papers sent to the Royal Society which remained unpublished at their time of receipt 1768-1984
Cl.P Classified Papers: scientific and other papers sent to the Royal Society, 1660-1741
EL Early Letters: original manuscripts of letters to the Royal Society 1613; 1642; 1651-1740
L&P Letters and Papers: scientific papers sent to the Royal Society, a combination and continuation of Early Letters and Classified Papers 1741-1806
MA Meteorological Archives: manuscripts of meteorological observations, with magnetic surveys and tide tables 1706-1915
PT Philosophical Transactions: manuscript versions of papers published in the 'Philosophical Transactions'.  
PP Proceedings Papers: manuscripts and occasionally proofs of papers published in the 'Proceedings of the Royal Society  
RR Referees' Reports: reports on scientific papers submitted for publication to the Royal Society from 1832 to date (peer review) 1831-

Administrative records

The Society has maintained administrative records and correspondence since its foundation.

This collection includes the Society’s Journal Books, which contain minutes of the meetings of the Society since 1660 and the Charter Book, which records the signature of each new Fellow.

Reference Number Description Dates
AB Account Books 1660-2004
CA Council Agendas 1950-1975
CMB Committee Minute Books 1678-
CMO Council Minutes Original 1663-
DC Deeds, Charters and Charter Book 1662-
JBO Journal Book Original: minutes of the ordinary meetings of the Society
LBO Letter Book Original: copies of letters received by the Society, the originals of which are in the Early Letters collection 1661-1740
MC Miscellaneous Correspondence: letters sent to the Royal Society, generally on official business 1800-1925
MDA Modern Domestic Archives: material relating to the Society's administration of its internal affairs 1870-1981
RBO Register Book Original: the Register Books contain copies of scientific papers submitted to the Society, the original documents may be found in the Classified Papers 1661-1739
RSC Royal Society Club Archive 1743-
RSL Royal Society Letters: letters sent to the Royal Society, its President or Officers 1737-1799
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