Disability History Month 2013

EventsDisability History Month 2013

Disability History Month UK is an annual event which takes place from 22 November to 22 December and celebrates the lives and achievements of disabled people.

To mark Disability History Month 2013, the diversity team brought together a series of online research profiles to raise awareness about scientific research in disability. The ‘image-led’ profiles capture a range of disabilities and include historical research at the Royal Society as well as current research that is being done in this field.

Read the series of profiles highlighting scientific research on disability, from the fascinating history of scientific research conducted by Fellows of the Royal Society to cutting edge research being carried out today.

If you require the articles in any other formats, please contact the Diversity Team.

Diversity programme

The Society undertakes a range of activities to promote equality and diversity in UK science, including a new programme of work to increase diversity in the scientific workforce.

Stem Disability Committee

We provide secretariat for the STEM Disability Committee, which provides support across science, technology, engineering and maths for disabled workers, current and aspiring disabled students and their teachers.

Research 2013

View all of the research profiles as Word documents (ZIP).