Eligibility criteria

John Ball

The Partnership Grants scheme is open to any UK primary or secondary school teacher in partnership with a practising scientist or engineer.

The students involved in the project must be between 5 and 18. Reception years are eligible if the project is run in conjunction with other age groups. Sixth form and further education colleges are eligible, provided the students involved in the project are aged under 19. Applications must be made by both partners together. Any grant awarded goes to the school.

Grants can only be made to schools within the UK, and projects should be carried out within the UK. If links to schools in other countries are part of the project these should be remote links by e-mail, websites etc. Funding for trips to other countries is not part of this scheme (see Restrictions on funding for more information).

Previous recipients of a Partnership Grant may apply for further funding, as long as the new application is made one year or more after the previous application. However, applicants must ensure that the new project is not a simple extension of the previous one. You can use the same partner and even the same basic idea, but your project must involve a new investigation in which the pupils are able to develop new skills and ideas. Please note that we are not able to fund further projects until we have received the final report and all completed evaluations from the initial project.

Teacher partners are the main contacts as all grants are paid direct to participating schools. However, scientist or engineer partners may be contacted by the Royal Society during and after the project.

For advice about science/engineering partner eligibility, see Guidance on finding a suitable partner.

Applying for this scheme

The Partnership Grants scheme is now open for applications for the 2015 Summer round. You can submit your application through our online portal.

  • Opening date: 18 May 2015
  • Closing date: 31 July 2015

Please refer to our online information and guidance to get started with a Partnership Grants application. 

You can send us your draft application for comments up to two weeks before the closing date.

When the project is finished, you are expected to evaluate its impact. You might also consider ways to build on the project in the future.

Scientists and engineers

If you are a professional scientist or engineer and would like to take part in a Partnership Grant project you can read our advice on getting involved.

If you are a teacher looking for a scientist or engineer partner then please read the guidance on finding a suitable partner.

Case studies

Get inspiration for your project from case studies of work we have previously funded.