Regulation from a distance: long-range control of gene expression in development and disease

Gene expression control Expression driven in the developing mouse by the wild-type cat-derived sonic hedgehog ZRS limb enhancer (Image courtesy of Dr Laura Lettice)

Scientific discussion meeting organised by Professor Wendy Bickmore and Professor Veronica van Heyningen FRS

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The correct regulation of gene expression underpins normal development and differentiation, and is frequently perturbed in disease. Whilst events controlling transcription around gene promoters are well understood, how far-distant enhancers direct spatial and temporal
control of transcription is less clear. Our aim is to integrate experimental and computational approaches, in multiple model systems, to define the mechanisms of enhancer action. This meeting will bring together experts in the field to discuss their research and ideas and key challenges for the future.

Biographies of the organisers and speakers are available below and you can also download the programme (PDF). Recorded audio of the presentations will be available on this page after the event and papers will be published in a future issue of Philosophical Transactions B.

Attending this event

This event is intended for researchers in relevant fields and is free to attend. There are a limited number of places and registration is essential. An optional lunch is offered and should be booked during registration (all major credit cards accepted).

Participants are also encouraged to attend the related satellite meeting Regulation of gene expression from a distance: exploring mechanisms which immediately follows this event.

Enquiries: Contact the events team

Regulation from a distance: long-range control of gene expression in development and disease 6-9 Carlton House Terrace London SW1Y 5AG UK

Session 1: Enhancers and development

Session 2: Human disease

Session 3: Enhancers - evolution and identification

Session 4: Mechanisms of action

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