Origin of the moon – challenges and prospects

Moon origin The moon-forming collision. A giant impact of large planetsimal with the primordial Earth. A small fraction of the ejected debris went into orbit around the Earth and formed the moon.Copyright William K Hartmann

Satellite meeting organised by Professor David Stevenson FRS and Professor Alex Halliday FRS

Event details

Our understanding of the origin of Earth’s moon is challenged by recent isotopic data, simulations of physical processes for giant impacts and evolution of the resulting disk, and new spacecraft studies. This meeting follows on from a Royal Society meeting in London on the same topic by focusing on the unsolved problems and assessing the prospects for future directions of research.

Poster session

A poster session was held throughout this meeting alongside the schedule of presentations and discussion.  

Confirmed Speakers and Chairs

Professor Francis Albarede, Dr Mahesh Anand, Dr James Day, Professor Hidenori Genda, Dr William Hartmann, Dr Martin Jutzi, Professor Bernard Marty,  Kaveh Pahlevan, Professor David Rubie, Dr Julien Salmon, Professor Richard J Walker, Dr Mark Wieczorek and Professor Jack Wisdom.

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Session 4

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