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Kavli Education Medal

For impact in the field of science and mathematics education.

Fred Kavli

Professor Sir John Holman has been awarded the Kavli Education Medal in recognition of his significant impact on science education within the UK.

As a member of the Royal Society’s Vision Committee, looking at the future of science and mathematics education, I know the high regard in which the Society is held. To have won its premier education award is an honour indeed for someone who has worked in science education for his entire career.

Professor Sir John Holman

Margaret Brown was awarded the Kavli Education Medal in 2012 in recognition of her significant impact on mathematics education within the UK.

See full list of all past winners of the Kavli Education Medal.

The award

This medal is awarded for impact in the field of science and mathematics education.

The Kavli Education Medal is awarded biennially (in even years) for “an individual who has made a significant impact on science or mathematics education within the UK”. The recipient will be called upon to deliver a lecture either at a specialist scientific or educational meeting or for the general public as appropriate. The first award was made in 2010.

The medal is of bronze gilt and is accompanied by a gift of £1,000.


The next call for nominations for this award will open in 2015.

The recipient is chosen by the Council of the Royal Society on the recommendation of the Education Committee.

The award is open to citizens of a Commonwealth country or of the Irish Republic or those who have been ordinarily resident and working in a Commonwealth country or in the Irish Republic for a minimum of 3 years immediately prior to being proposed.