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Night Sky Watcher

by Raman Prinja (QED Publishing Inc.)

The judges said: “Night Sky Watcher is a great introduction to stars and will definitely get you out looking for them. It introduces you to well-known stars and constellations like The Plough and Leo and then encourages you to star hop to planets and galaxies you may not have come across before, all the while explaining our amazing universe.”


Stephanie Schorge talks Night Sky Watcher

About the book

Get ready to explore the magical night sky. Find out everything there is to know about what you can spot in the sky, such as how explorers used constellations as a form of navigation. Also discover when is the best time to spot comets and why the Moon's appearance has changed over time. Includes everything from the Sun and Moon, to the stars and planets. Symbols are used within the book to show what can be seen in the northern or southern hemispheres. This means that wherever you may be in the world, it will show what you can view in the sky. Features fun facts and amazing activities. Explore everything from constellations and how they interconnect, to lunar eclipses and meteor showers. All you need is a pair of binoculars and a clear night sky!

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