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Past winners and shortlisted books

Prize winner 2018

The winner of the Young People’s Book Prize 2018 is Optical Illusions, by visual artist and author team Gianni A. Sarcone and Marie-Jo Waeber.

The winner was chosen by over 6000 young people drawn from 360 schools and youth groups around the country. The prize was awarded at a ceremony hosted by CBBC’s Katie Thistleton at the science and discovery centre W5 in Belfast on 15 November 2018.

What did the judges think? 

Annabelle, age 9: “This was amazing, I liked the cover and the wheel you could turn. I couldn't 'see' some of them, but I will keep trying! I found it very strange how your eyes and mind can play tricks on you and I liked the way the book explains how your eye works with your brain.

Myles, age 10: “This was my favourite. I really enjoyed the illusions and I found it interesting doing the examples in the book.

What did the adult judging panel think?

Professor Yadvinder Malhi FRS, chair of the 2018 judging panel, said, “Optical Illusions draws you in from the moment you open it. It manages to combine instant appeal of some wonderful and mind-blowing optical illusions with just the right level of explanation that explains the science behind the illusion. As such it has something for every age from 4 to 14, and indeed for adults as well. It both entertains and educates in some surprising ways, and is a worthy winner of the Young People’s Book Prize.

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Shortlist 2018

Recent winners

Robert Winston: 'Home Lab' (2017)

David Macaulay: 'How Machines Work' (2016)

Robert Winston: Utterly Amazing Science (2015)

Clive Gifford: 'Eye Benders: the science of seeing and believing' (2014)

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