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Grants to host a Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize event

Edinburgh International Book Festival event
Credit: Edinburgh International Book Festival, photographer Helen Jones

We want to take the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize across the UK, with events based on the shortlisted books at leading science centres. 

The aim is to expand the reach of the prize by bringing it to a new audience, showing under 14s that science books are fun to read, and hopefully teach some science along the way.

About the prize

The prize is open to books in which science is a substantial aspect of the book’s content, narrative or theme and which are written for young people aged up to 14. An adult judging panel selects a shortlist of six books. The winner is selected by judging panels of young people from across the UK. The Prize has attracted around 180 applications for judging panels, with over 100 taking part in selecting the winning book. To find out more about the Prize, please visit

What are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic science centres outside of London to hold events based on the science in the books shortlisted for the prize.  

We are committed to making these events as successful as possible: contributing up to £500 to help with marketing, space, staff time etc, providing access to authors and promoting the events to our audiences and on our website.

What would the events involve?

As a result of the science focus of the Prize, the events need to reference back to the science within the book you wish to base your event on. The event can be as interactive and creative as you like, anything from an author event to an activity workshop inspired by the books (for example our Edinburgh International Book Festival event).

The six shortlisted books in 2016 are:

What does the Royal Society provide?

The Royal Society is committed to making these events as successful as possible, so has resources to offer the successful centres the following to help you run the events:

  • £500 contribution to help with marketing, staff time, space etc...
  • Access to the shortlisted authors and illustrators
  • Promotion of the event to our audiences; many are based out of London
  • Promotion of the event at your centre on the Royal Society website, relevant newsletters and flyers
  • Copies of the books for use at the events and Young People’s Book Prize handouts

What do we need to know and when?

Please submit:

  • Which book/books would you like to base the event around and what would the proposed event be?
  • What space would you propose to use for the event? (Please provide pictures if possible)
  • Do you have any dates in mind for the event to take place on?
  • Do you have an active audience group that would be interested in attending? If so, what are their age ranges and number? If not, do you have resources to attract an audience?

Please let us know by Friday 9 December 2016 if you are interested in running a Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize event by returning the information above to Emma Slater Once chosen, at least five successful centres will be contacted to confirm that they have been selected and to start the event planning process.

How can we help?

We would be more than happy to chat through any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Emma Slater at or on 0207 451 2242.

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