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How do I apply for a Global Talent visa?

The application form for the Global Talent visa can be found at GOV.UK. Before applying please ensure that you have read carefully both Appendix Global Talent of the Immigration Rules and the guidance on GOV.UK.

There are two stages to the application: endorsement application (Stage 1) and immigration application (Stage 2). Stage 1 and Stage 2 applications must be made directly to the Home Office. 

There is a single GOV.UK link for the Stage 1 application form regardless of your current residence. For Stage 2, there are two different forms depending on whether you are applying within the UK or from outside the UK.

Stage 1 Endorsement application

Specific application details for each of the four endorsement routes under the Global Talent category are outlined on these pages.

The endorsing body that you chose will send its endorsement decision to the Home Office. You will then be notified by the Home Office about the outcome of your endorsement application. Please do not contact the endorsing body to check on progress as we will not be able to assist you.

Stage 2 Immigration application

If your Stage 1 application is endorsed, you can apply for a visa under Stage 2 on GOV.UK. There is no requirement within the Immigration Rules to provide a copy of your endorsement letter when you apply for Stage 2. However, it may speed up the consideration of your visa application if you do so. The endorsing bodies are not involved in Stage 2 of the process and endorsement as part of Stage 1 is not of itself decisive as to whether a Global Talent visa will be issued.

In Stage 2, the Home Office will consider immigration aspects of your application including whether general grounds for refusal apply and, if you are in the UK already, whether you are eligible to switch into the Global Talent category from your current immigration category.

If you have submitted a Stage 2 application, extension or settlement application, travelling outside the Common Travel Area will mean your application is withdrawn automatically.

You are not able to live and work in the UK as a Global Talent visa holder until you have made a successful Stage 2 application. For further information, please refer to the guidance on GOV.UK.

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