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Further funding

Extension Partnership Grants

These grants are to embed or extend a successfully completed Partnership Grant project. The extension grant can be up to £1500 to improve the sustainability of the project, either through embedding it in the school as part of standard practice, or through extending it to other schools.

To apply, applicants must have either:

  • Submitted the final report within 2 months of expected finishing date, unless notification of reasonable delays have been given to the Royal Society.
  • Submitted the project report to the Royal Society within the last year, unless special circumstances and need of the extension grant are described, subject to approval by the allocating panel.

Additional eligibility and judging criteria

The application for extension funding should continue to adhere to the current eligibility and judging criteria for Partnership Grants as well as the following.

  • The project must continue with the same STEM partner, unless justification for a change has been accepted by the Royal Society.
  • The project must stay running at the lead school.
  • The project must be based on the same project as their original Partnership Grants project (new projects based on a previous project must go through the main application process.

  • Applications should outline a plan for EITHER embedding OR extending the project.
    • Embedding: should aim to ensure the project is run continuously to benefit more students. The application must show clear benefits for students beyond the original core group and indicate how the project will be continued beyond the end of the funding.
    • Extend: should aim to involve other schools with the project so that more schools (and therefore students) are able to take part. The application must include a lead contact at the new schools involved.

The application and use of funding

The use of 

  • Further equipment to widen the reach of the project;
  • Project infrastructure costs;
  • Teacher training and support activity (including cover);
  • Standard running costs of the project will be considered but will be lower priority. This includes travel costs, teacher cover and consumables etc. 

The investigative component and intended learning outcomes are assumed to be the same as the original application.

The participants will need to be re-entered as it may be changing based upon extending to other schools or by embedding within the school, to other year groups for example.

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