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Benefits of a Partnership Grant

There are several benefits to running a Partnership Grants project which can be favourable to both partners. These benefits include:

  • Raises students’ appreciation of STEM in industry and academia
  • Develops students’ opinions and perception of STEM subjects and applications
  • Helps students discover new opinions and attitudes towards each other and STEM professionals
  • Helps to improve the numbers of students who study STEM at university
  • Opportunities to work directly with STEM professionals or teachers and schools and take the curriculum beyond the classroom
  • Creates two-way communication directly with students
  • Develops the image of STEM and those who use it as their profession, to students, school colleagues and the local community
  • Opportunities to share or be involved with an amazing discovery, or the latest developments in STEM
  • Raises the profile of participating teachers and the school within the local and education community.
  • Raise awareness of the STEM field, research group or company, in the local community and nationwide. 
  • Gives students an opportunity to project manage and to manage a budget
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