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The application process

The Partnership Grant application process is completed through Flexi-Grant®, an online system used to administer all Royal Society grants. Applications must be started by the school partner who can then invite the STEM partner to contribute to the form. There are two stages to the application, with eligibility checks carried out at the end of Stage 1. Find out more about what information is needed and how to complete each stage on Flexi-Grant® on our Stage 1 and Stage 2 advice pages. Guidance and support is available throughout the application process, see further information below. 


The Partnership Grants scheme is an annual funding round. The application process opens in February each year and there are three possible submission deadlines across the year. The round closes after the final submission deadline which is at the end of November. Both stages of the application must be submitted by the deadline. 

Due to the judging process and administration required to transfer funding to successful applicants there must be a least one term between submitting an application and the projects starting. Due to school closures over the summer holidays and administration required to transfer funds, projects starting in the autumn term can begin from October.

Submission Deadline (stage 1 and 2) Notified about outcome of application Term project can start from
End of April July Autumn term (October onwards)
End of June October Spring term (January onwards)
End of November February Summer term (April onwards)

What application support does the Society provide?

The Royal Society appreciates that writing grant applications is often new to teachers and therefore support and guidance is provided in the lead up to and during the application process. This support can help ensure schools have the best possible chance to receive funding.

Free online training sessions about the scheme are run for both teachers and STEM partners. The sessions aim to give attendees a better understanding of the scheme and application process. Drop-in support sessions are available as well giving applicants an opportunity to ask specific questions about the scheme or receive feedback on draft applications. The training and drop-in support sessions can be booked via the Royal Society's events portal.  

There are also guidance documents available to support applicants. Checklist documents show the information required for both Stage 1 and Stage 2. In Stage 2 applicants will be asked to complete a table with details about their project plan and this project planning guidance document can support you with this section.

The Schools Engagement team can provide advice on finding STEM partners, project ideas etc. as well as reading draft applications and providing any required technical support for Flexi-Grant®. If a Stage 1 application fails eligibility checks, the application can be sent back to the applicant to edit and resubmit. 

Once the judging process is complete, if an application has been unsuccessful the school can work with the team to re-write their application for future funding rounds. 

If a school successfully receives funding, there is then some paperwork required before funding can be transferred.

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