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Tomorrow's climate scientists

Tomorrow’s climate scientists is a new programme for 2020, which aims to give students across the UK not just a voice, but an opportunity to take action themselves to address climate and biodiversity issues – to become the climate scientists of tomorrow.

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Partnership Grants

As an extension to the 2020 funding round, schools have received grants to carry out research specifically into climate change and biodiversity. These projects will be run in partnership with STEM professionals from industry and academia.

By taking part in these projects students will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop problem solving and data handling skills
  • Demonstrate their creativity
  • Have a voice in the direction of scientific research by working with their STEM partner

The projects are taking place in schools across the country at both primary and secondary levels. The scheme is now closed to new applications and full details about the funded projects will be available soon.

Legacy projects

Previously funded projects in this topic area have received additional funding to extend their work as part of this programme. More information about these projects will be available soon. 

The Scottish Daffodil project

Nine schools in Scotland will be undertaking a study into the genetic and trait diversity of daffodils over the 2021-2022 academic year. They will be working with STEM partners from the James Hutton Institute and University of Dundee. With the impacts of climate change becoming increasingly apparent students need to understand the role they play in conserving nature, be it at habitat, species or genetic level. Read more about the project here (PDF)


There are also free climate based resources available:

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