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Policy Secondment Programme

The Royal Society has established a new scheme for University Research Fellows and Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows to undertake a secondment within a Science Policy Environment.

The scheme will provide an opportunity for University Research Fellows and Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows who are interested in gaining first-hand experience of working in science policy, and using science and evidence to inform policy advice and decision making.

What does the scheme involve?

A three month policy secondment (as a Policy Associate) on a full time basis or nine month policy secondment on a part-time basis within a Government department, National Academy or research organisation.

The scope of the activities during the secondment will be agreed between the Research Fellow and the relevant host organisation; however, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive first-hand experience of how scientific research and other evidence inform the policy making process
  • Develop networks with policy organisations and officials in areas allied to your research interest
  • Network with thought leaders in research, industry and policy
  • Develop your understanding of potential routes to achieving research impact

When would I start?

The 2017 Science Policy Secondments are scheduled to start between October 2017 and March 2018.

What support is offered?

  • Applicants may request travel and subsistence costs of up to £3,000 based on location and proximity to the host organisation
  • Research Fellows undertaking this secondment will be able to extend their fellowship by the period of the secondment (up to a maximum of three months). During the period of the secondment, Research Fellows will continue to be funded by the Royal Society.

Am I eligible to apply?

University Research Fellows and Dorothy Hodgkin Fellows applying to this scheme must have already completed the first year of their fellowship at the time of application. Normally those with less than 18 months left of their fellowship at the time of application are not eligible to apply.

How do I apply for this scheme?

Applications should be submitted through the Royal Society’s website. The deadline for applications is 27 March 2017. Applications will be reviewed by the Royal Society and the host organisation and a decision will be made in late June 2017.

Please contact us with any questions.