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Royal Society Schools Network

The Royal Society Schools Network comprises enthusiastic teachers and staff, across the UK, who share their experience and work with us in order to develop scientific expertise and promote excellence in science, computing and mathematics teaching.

Copland Community School

How do I join the network

The Royal Society Schools Network is currently closed for new registrations.

The network comprises UK schools and colleges at all levels of primary and secondary education. Please see our general opportunities and obligations guidelines for more information.

2016 saw the launch of a new programme of activities and support for the Royal Society Schools Network to help them work towards the Royal Society’s Vision for science and mathematics education. For the academic year 2017/18 we are looking to expand the reach of the network and continue to develop the support programme available.


The Royal Society Schools Network aims to raise the profile of science, computing and mathematics within participating schools and colleges at all levels of primary and secondary education.

Those participating in the network can raise their profile through targeted support for activities, including access to scientists from the cutting edge of industry and academia. The network supports a culture of sharing best practice between teachers in all schools and colleges across the UK. Teachers also have the opportunity to feed their views into the work of the Royal Society as well as engaging with our other projects and activities. 

The Royal Society benefits from working closely with teachers when we conduct researchrespond to policy consultations and create teaching resources. We ask teachers in participating schools and colleges to contribute to our work via a number of ways; responding to consultation surveys, reviewing draft teaching resources or participating in discussion focused events.

More information

Find out about the membership application and eligibility criteria if you are keen to join the Royal Society Schools network.

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