Professor Vicki Hanson

Wolfson Research Merit Award Holder
School of Computing, University of Dundee
Inclusion of Disabled and Older People in the Digital Economy

Vivki Hanson

“Within a few years, it will be difficult to access government services, bank accounts, or even book train tickets without using a computer or mobile device. For many this will not be a problem, but those who have difficulties with new technology (especially older people and those with disabilities) risk being prevented from full participation in society.

My research examines the impact of impaired cognitive ability - such as learning difficulties or age-related memory problems - on the way people use technology. This involves studying how the human brain processes large amounts of information, so that we can develop new systems that will aid users with a wide range of learning needs adapt to new technologies.

Everyone deserves full access to information and services. Accessible technology is not cheap – designing for inclusion takes time, creativity, and effort - but the societal costs of exclusion are even higher.”

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