International Joint Projects

The International Joint Project scheme has now been discontinued and replaced by a new International Exchanges programme. If you wish to apply for funding to support international collaboration please do so through the International Exchanges Scheme.

Current award holders who need to complete either an interim or final report should download and complete the template form.

International Joint Projects Dr Cristina Flors holds and International Joint Project award. She is working on assessing and understanding genetically-encoded singlet oxygen production.

This scheme was for scientists in the UK who wanted to undertake a collaboration with scientists overseas.

This scheme provided support to collaborations between two teams or individuals (one based in the UK, one based overseas) over the course of 2 years. Collaborations involved bilateral visits and the scheme covered travel, subsistence and research expenses.

Eligibility requirements

The scheme covered all areas of the life and physical sciences, including engineering, but excluding clinical medicine.

Applicants needed to:

  • have a PhD, or be likely to have a PhD by the time the funding starts
  • hold a fixed or permanent contract at an eligible organisation for the duration of the project (ineligible organisations included industrial, private and commercial organisations, university spin-out companies, government bodies and research institutes and research councils)
  • be based in the respective countries at the time of the application

Collaborations had to be based on a single project including two teams or individuals: one based in the UK and the other based outside the UK. A relationship between both parties should already have been established prior to making an application and the collaboration had to involve bilateral visits between the UK and the country with which the overseas collaborator was based.

Value and tenure

For travel and subsistence up to £6,000 a year for 2 years was available. Within the £6,000 available each year, up to £1,000 could be used for research expenses (excluding computer hardware).

Interim & Final report form

This form is available to download on the right hand-side of this page and should be completed by the UK Joint Project leader 1 year into the project to show progress and release funding for the consecutive year. The same form should also be completed and submitted within 2 months of the end date of the project. The late submission of report forms may lead to the loss of earmarked funds or prevent you from applying for other Royal Society grant schemes.

Applying for this scheme

This scheme is permanently closed to applications.

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If you have a question about this scheme, please first read the scheme notes which contain more information. If the answer is still not available, you can contact the grants team here.