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We welcome submissions of proposals for theme issues for Philosophical Transactions A (physical, mathematical and engineering sciences), Philosophical Transactions B (biological sciences), and Interface Focus (cross-disciplinary research at the interface between the physical and life sciences).

"Guest editing has been an extremely worthwhile activity. I feel a sense of achievement in bringing together a group to highlight the important topic of this issue and have a sense that the issue becomes more than a simple sum of its parts."


Influence and direct the thinking in your field by creating a novel synthesis

Rise to the intellectual challenge of thinking broadly and deeply about your topic

Bridge traditional disciplines by bringing together a broad range of contributions across different subject areas

Promote an emerging area of research, and create a lasting resource for your field

Facilitate the discussion of opposing ideas and different opinions

Think creatively and take advantage of the flexible format by including novel types of article, e.g. new speculative hypotheses, policy-related work, review/research hybrid papers

Attain academic prestige by having your name associated with a landmark resource which will be used and cited for years to come

Build your personal network with other leading scientists and learn about research outside your immediate expertise

Gain editorial experience by commissioning content, managing the peer review process and making decisions on papers, with full support from high-profile Editorial Board members and dedicated Royal Society staff*

Reach a wide and relevant international readership through dedicated marketing plans, a broad subscription reach and extensive free access policies (e.g. to developing countries). Content is made freely available one year after publication**

Join the authorship history of the world's longest-running scientific publisher, alongside icons such as Isaac Newton, Alexander Fleming, Stephen Hawking, Harry Kroto, Paul Nurse and Dorothy Hodgkin

Support the scientific community by working with a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting excellence in science

Submit a theme issue proposal

Please visit the journal websites for more information:
Philosophical Transactions A
Philosophical Transactions B
Interface Focus

If you would like to propose a theme issue for any of the above named journals, please contact us direct at publishing@royalsociety.org.

We also publish theme issues related to our meetings programme. To find out how to propose to run a meeting (and publish a theme issue alongside it) please visit our Scientific meeting proposals page

*Philosophical Transactions only; papers are handled by the Editorial Office on Interface Focus
**Two years on Philosophical Transactions A