Publishing as an early career researcher

Welcome to our ECR resource hub

The Royal Society is committed to increasing diversity in STEM by seeking out participation from under-represented groups, in order to build and develop a world in which studying and working in science are open to all. Helping to support early career researchers (ECRs) is vitally important for improving research culture and diversity, as well as training up the next generation of scientists.

Here at the Royal Society, there are a number of different ways we provide support to ECRs through specific grant schemes, scientific meetings and open publishing practices that champion diversity. Royal Society Publishing supports co-reviewing, whereby an ECR can partner with a more senior researcher to gain experience in peer review, provides talks and webinars, to help researchers navigate the publishing process, and publishes regular ECR blog posts including our growing author tips collection. 

Our comprehensive resource hub provides you, as an early career researcher, with the foundational knowledge of the publishing process and brings together resources to help you publish. We help you understand everything there is to know about taking that next step with your research.

To help us provide the best possible support and guidance to this community, we would be very grateful for your feedback.