For OpenAthens, Shibboleth, EZ Proxy and access enquiries contact

Account activation

New subscriber accounts must be activated to enable online access. Please email if you need help with account activation. 

IP registration and updates

Administrators can update, add, and delete the IP addresses associated with their organisation. If you are working with IPv6 you need to update these on the platform to avoid access issues.

To do this log in to your account from an authorised IP address. Open the Institutional Administration interface in the user profile. Select the IP Ranges section and configure the IP information as required.

You can also update the list of IP addresses for your organisation by completing this form. 

Updates via PSI IP Registry

You may be aware that we have been receiving IP address updates from our subscribers via for a while now. Many institutions have found the service easy to use and very time effective as you are able to update multiple publishers simultaneously. This means that your changes will be fed automatically through to our authentication management system and your updates will be activated within 2 hours of approval by

The first step is to register for free at and confirm the IPs currently registered to your institution. To communicate any IP address updates, simply log in to your account and add or delete the relevant IP address(es). The updates will be checked and verified before they are updated on our publishing platform and you’ll get an immediate error message from if there are any issues with the IPs you are entering.

If you have any questions, please email

Usage statistics

In order to generate usage statistics for your institution you must have an administrative account with us. If you are unsure of your account details, please email

To run usage reports go to 'My Profile' > 'Institutional Account' > 'Usage Report' > 'Atypon Insights' and select the parameters of the report. You can access reports for 2017 and 2018 via the “historical COUNTER statistics” option in the “Usage report” section.

JR1: Journal Report 1: Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Month and Journal
JR2: Access Denied to Full-Text Articles by Month, Journal and Category
JR5: Number of Successful Full-Text Article Requests by Year-of-Publication (YOP) and Journal

COUNTER 4 reports are available for 2018, and COUNTER 5 from 2019. 

Shibboleth federations

We support:

  • China CERNET Federation (CARSI)
  • Czech academic identity federation
  • German Higher Education (DFN-AAI)
  • India: INFLIBNET Access Management Federation (INFED)
  • Ireland - Edugate Federation
  • Italy - IDEM GARR
  • UK Higher Education
  • US Higher Education (InCommon)

The typical pattern for a WAYFless url is as follows:<institution-entity-id>&redirectUri=<target-url> 

When constructing your WAYFLess URL you will need your IdP and the page URL to which you are linking. 

OpenURL configuration

If you have an OpenURL link resolver, such as SFX, you can create links back to your library holdings in the reference sections of Royal Society articles. These links help your patrons find the most appropriate copy of the article they are looking for.

KBART metadata

The Royal Society endorses KBART and is a registered participant of Phase I.

For link-resolver suppliers all details pertaining to our titles are available for download as TXT files that conform to the KBART Phase II Recommended Practice. A TXT file for Package S is also available to download. Please contact us with any feedback on these files.

MARC records

The Royal Society’s journal MARC records are available to download. Please contact us with any feedback on these files.

Institutional licences

The academic single site licence is available here.

Multi-site, consortia and enterprise licences are available on request.