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From 'La Vana Speculatione Disingannata Dal Senso: Lettera Risponsiva Circa i Corpi Marini, che Petrificati Si Trovano in Varij Luoghi Terrestri', vol. 19, 1695, Figure CCXIX p. 181


If you think your institution would benefit from purchasing the collection please contact us for more information.

If all the books in the world, except the Philosophical Transactions, were to be destroyed, it is safe to say that the foundations of physical science would remain unshaken, and that the vast intellectual progress of the last two centuries would be largely, though incompletely, recorded.


Thomas Henry Huxley FRS, 1870

Royal Society Journal Collection: Science in the making

For the first time, high quality full colour images of the original Royal Society Journals from 1665 to 1997 will be available online. While the content will be available online subject to our free access periods, purchasing the Royal Society journal archive will give your institution:

  • Perpetual access to 1665-1996 journal content online
  • Its own copy of the archive to manage access and include in your repository/archive featuring:

An indexing database for allowing improved search

Higher resolution pdfs

Extended metadata and math html

As well as completing any library collection, it will be a major resource for historians of science, scientists, and science enthusiasts.

If you would like to see what your institution will receive when you purchase Royal Society journals archive please download samples files from the right-hand side of this page. Files include a web quality pdf as well as the extended meta and a high resolution pdf you would receive on purchase.

Contact us for more information about purchasing. If you are not a librarian but think that your institution could benefit from the collection please recommend to your librarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

What journal content is included?

All our titles are listed here, the Royal Society Journal Archive will include all content up to 1997, that means:

  • 1,278 volumes
  • 45,883 articles
  • around 740,000 pages

Is it available elsewhere?

This will be the only place to see the high quality, full colour scan of the authoritative collection with thorough metadata.  

This repository will also include The Philosophical Collections published 1679-1682 which are not currently available elsewhere online.

How is this different to my Package subscription access?

Our package subscriptions gives you access to the online versions with an active subscription, and will only give you perpetual access to your subscribed years. The version you can access will not come with all the benefits above.

What are the copyright restrictions?

By purchasing the archive you will receive your own copy of it however there are some restrictions on how you can use it. You cannot loan it to other libraries, sell it or make copies of it. You can reuse up to five full articles without a license query but beyond that you will need to request permission.

What is included in the extended metadata and how is the search improved with the indexer?

Article level metadata uses JATS 1.1. XML, we have also added tags around the role of the contributors, unique identifiers for Fellows, types of articles, and types of dates to further improve the quality of search results.

Why does the archive stop at 1996?

From 1997 our articles were published online straightaway so the original content is already of good quality and fully searchable. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing perpetual access to content from 1997 onwards.