Biographical records

Biographical records are available for all Fellows from 1660 onwards.

Biographical records Fellows at the 250th anniversary of the Royal Society in 1912.

The Sackler Foundation generously funded the creation of this database, which is known as The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Archive Resource.

Much of the information is based on ’Bulloch’s Roll’, a biographical listing of Fellows from1663-1940 compiled by William Bulloch FRS. From 1941 onwards Fellows were invited to provide Personal Records in order to record details on their lives and careers in a standardised way.

The records contain information including Fellows’ names and titles, dates of birth, death and election to the Society, offices held, Society medals won and lectures delivered. They may also include details of a Fellow's education, career, and membership of other societies.

A complete listing of the Fellowship from 1660 to 2007 is available for download (PDF). A list of our current Fellows is also available.

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