DIUS: UK science and innovation strategy

18 February 2008

The Royal Society has made a submission to the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills on the development of the UK's science and innovation strategy.
The Society's submission highlights a number of key points including:

  • The Government must see through to completion a number of important projects by implementing the recommendations of the Sainsbury Review, but must also identify the other outstanding barriers to the building of a world class knowledge base and the establishment of the UK as a location of choice for innovation activity.
  • The global environment for science, research and innovation is increasingly competitive so it is important to position this strategy within an appropriately international context.
  • The Government may be aided by a more sophisticated approach to studying innovation, and in particular the relationship between knowledge creation and economic impact.
  • We strongly encourage the Government to focus on public sector innovation.
  • We stress the need for a sophisticated approach to innovation in the services sectors.
  • The UK is successful in attracting the world's best students onto masters and doctoral courses.  However, if we are to remain attractive in this market, the UK must align itself more closely to the Bologna vision.
  • If we are to avoid serious shortages of vital science and engineering skills, we urge universities and central Government to encourage study in core STEM subjects at all levels.