Transforming UK translation conference report

16 March 2020

A vibrant translation system is essential to the UK economy and to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of technological innovation. The uninterrupted flow between novel ideas, knowledge, discoveries and practical solutions would help support this, generating impact and bringing benefit to wider society.

Building on previous work of the Royal Society, this conference focused on current challenges surrounding the translation of research into successful business outcomes and how they can be overcome. The meeting brought together key stakeholders across the innovation chain to discuss some of the problems, best practice and ways we can foster stronger industry-academia relationships, as well as ways in which the Society could help promote effective translation. 

The Royal Society has a strong interest in the UK translation ecosystem and aims to promote the UK’s exceptional research base to benefit society and the economy. This conference focused on three key areas: industry-academia engagement; partnerships that create value for both sides; and attracting, training and retaining the right talent to drive these relationships. The UK is renowned for research excellence and has many good support systems for translation in place, however, if the UK is to achieve its growth plans, improvements must be made.