Culture Evolves discussion meeting

28 June 2010

The Royal Society Discussion Meeting ‘Culture Evolves’ takes place at Southbank Centre over the next three days (28 – 30 June).

The capacity for culture is a product of biological evolution, yet culture itself can also evolve. This highly interdisciplinary joint meeting with the British Academy will address new discoveries and controversies illuminating cultural evolution.  Participants will examine the roots of culture in the animal kingdom, human cultural evolutionary trees, and the cognitive adaptations shaping our special cultural nature.

This meeting is part of See Further: The Festival of Science + Arts, celebrating 350 years of the Royal Society.

The corresponding exhibit ‘Culture Evolves!’ is currently underway at The Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition at Southbank Centre.

Discover the roots of culture in apes, meerkats and other animals and how human cultures themselves evolve. Try your hand at learning a chimp tradition or shaping a new language!
Exhibited by University of St Andrews; University of Cambridge; University of Edinburgh; University of Stirling

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