Seven days in science

06 January 2010

The Royal Society has been taking over the airwaves this week, as Radio 4 broadcaster Melvyn Bragg looks at the Royal Society’s leading role in modern science in a week-long series (4/1/2010 – 8/1/2010) called In Our Time: The Royal Society and British Science.

Once aired, each of the broadcasts will be available on BBC iPlayer. This wasn’t the only time that the Royal Society has been on the radio recently, as Martin Rees was guest editor on the Today programme (28/12/2009). Sections of the broadcast are available in the BBC archives.

This week also sees Professor Newstead FRS remembered at the Grosvenor Museum in Chester in an exhibition called: No flies on him: the multi-talented Professor Newstead. Newstead was a keen naturalist whose pioneering work on agricultural pests led to work in other fields, including medical entomology and parasitology. The exhibition, which is part of the Local Heroes programme of events for the Royal Society’s anniversary celebrations, will run until the end of January and will include the lecture Robert Newstead and the Quest for Roman Chester (14/1/2010).

Next week

The report on the Science Diplomacy Discussion Meeting will be launched at The Royal Society on Tuesday (12/1/2010) at a gathering of the world’s national science academies. The inaugural event for the Year of Biodiversity - the International Biodiversity Conference - will begin on Wednesday (13/1/2010 – 14/1/2010).