Seven days in science - 8 November 2010

08 November 2010

The next talk in the series Science and the Maritime Nation: 350 years of the Royal Society and the Royal Navy, on the topic of Arctic Science, takes place on 11 November 2010.

The lecture, by Dr Michael Bravo, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge, will reconsider the most famous scientific controversy in early 19th century Arctic exploration, between John Ross of the Royal Navy and Edward Sabine of the Royal Society. Introducing an exciting manuscript find, Dr Bravo sheds new light on the controversy and, more broadly, on the reforms to science in this period. For details on other upcoming Local Heroes and Capital Science events, visit the Royal Society anniversary events calendar.

Research published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B reveals that researchers based in Germany have developed a retinal implant that has allowed three blind people to see shapes and objects within days of the implant being installed. Watch a video-clip on the BBC website of Miikka Terho from Finland reading letters, after having the experimental chip fitted behind his retina.

The discussion meeting Geoengineering - taking control of our planet's climate, which takes at the Royal Society between 8 and 9 November 2010, considers the state of the new science of ‘Geoengineering’ and its implications to society.

In celebration of the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary, the Royal Society Digital Journal Archive, from 1665 to 2010 inclusive, is free to view until 30 November 2010.