Open Biology Editor sets out his vision

08 September 2011

Open Biology Editor-in-Chief David Glover sets out his vision for the Royal Society's first fully open access journal in an exclusive new video interview this week.

Open Biology is a brand new open access journal covering research in cellular and molecular aspects of biology.  It will publish original, high quality, research in cell biology, developmental and structural biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, immunology, microbiology and genetics.  It will be overseen by a team of academic Subject Editors with support by an international Editorial Board.  Subject Editors include Professor Peter Parham FRS, Stanford University, as well as Editor-in-Chief Professor David Glover FRS, Cambridge University.  The new journal complements the Royal Society’s existing hybrid, optional open access journals and open access-friendly policies.

In an introduction to the new journal, Professor Glover writes: "Our vision is to provide a high quality publishing venue for biology at the molecular and cellular level. We urge you to submit your very best research to Open Biology. In return we will provide the peer-review, high quality editorial feedback, rapid publication and international dissemination of your research associated with all Royal Society journals".

More information on Open Biology is available at