Royal Society responds to the Government's science and innovation strategy

17 December 2014

In response to the Government’s science and innovation strategy launched today Paul Nurse, President of the Royal Society, said:

"The Science and Innovation Strategy is a clear signal that science is at the centre of government thinking.  It is to be strongly welcomed that the need for long-term public investment in science has been recognised in the strategy which is vital if the greatest return in terms of improving lives and sustaining economic growth are to be achieved capitalising on the UK’s world leading science.  Now what is needed as the economy recovers, is for the strategy to be backed by increased investment."

Martyn Poliakoff, Foreign Secretary and Vice-president of the Royal Society, added:

“This government has made a strong, long-term commitment to capital spending to support its goal of making the UK a world leading knowledge economy.  It is to be welcomed that this commitment has been applied to investing not only in the large flagship projects but also to ensuring ongoing support for existing research projects and facilities.  The capacity to be able to respond to emerging opportunities and challenges is also good news. 

“The next challenge will be to ensure the funding for people to actually do the science in these new and existing facilities.  Today, George Osborne, Vince Cable and Greg Clarke put their names to a document that recognises the need to follow the capital investment with adequate resource funding – next year’s spending review will be another test of government commitment to science.”