Royal Society announces autumn launch of Professor Brian Cox’s ‘Science Matters’ public events

13 September 2016

Join Professor Brian Cox, the Royal Society’s Professor for Public Engagement in Science, at the Great Hall, Reading University at 2pm on 8 October 2016 for a Q&A event on climate change. A panel with expertise drawn from a variety of disciplines, including geoengineering, biodiversity and the social sciences, will take the audience’s questions on climate change, an issue that requires the collaboration of the scientific community, the public and governments across the world to face the challenges it presents.

Tickets are available to book now; £10 for adults and £5 for children (recommended for over 12s). Audience members can pitch their questions to the panel when they book their tickets.

Brian Cox presents Science Matters - Climate Change is the first in a series of ‘Science Matters’ events that will also explore the topics of GM and food security, the challenge of ensuring that we have sufficient food, grown in as sustainable a way as possible, to feed the world's growing population (Manchester, 8 December 2016) and machine learning (London, 10 January 2017), a powerful emerging technology, already shaping our lives, that allows machines to learn from data and self-improve.

The Royal Society’s ‘Science Matters’ events will give the public access to scientists who are experts on the important science and technology issues that impact on all of us and will equip those who might previously have felt excluded from the discussion to form a view.