Top scientists apply Brexit pressure

22 October 2018

35 Nobel Laureates and Fields Medalists, including Venki Ramakrishnan, President of the Royal Society, have written to Prime Minister May and President Juncker calling for a Brexit deal on science and innovation which allows ‘the closest possible cooperation between the UK and the EU, now and in the future’.

The letters highlight the growing strength of European science, citing the ease of collaboration nurtured by the EU as a key factor in this. The letters call on the UK to step up its commitment to EU research and innovation programmes and the EU to ensure those programmes are open to ‘association by the best and participation by all’ based on a fair financial contribution.

The letters also highlight the need for ‘the flow of people and ideas across borders to allow the rapid exchange of ideas, expertise and technology’ saying that new barriers to collaboration will inhibit progress in tackling global challenges and be ‘to the detriment of us all’.

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