Royal Society response to Lords European Affairs Committee letters to Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, and the EU

04 March 2022

Professor Robin Grimes, Foreign Secretary of the Royal Society, said:

"Science depends on collaboration for the free flow of ideas and expertise. The Royal Society has been making the case to political leaders on both sides of the Channel, that delaying the UK's association to Horizon Europe jeopardises the close ties between researchers.  These multilateral relationships, developed over decades, have strengthened science, economies, and brought real benefits to lives right across Europe.

"It is good to see the Lords committee has recognised the politicisation of science is 'highly unwelcome' and lending its voice to the calls made by the UK academies, and our international partners, in urging a high level political intervention to resolve the impasse. Achieving the best deal for citizens across Europe means delivering on our commitments in the Trade & Cooperation Agreement and getting association done."