Professor Andrew Goodwin FRS

Andrew Goodwin is Professor of Materials Chemistry at the University of Oxford. He was born in Australia, and studied at the Universities of Sydney and Cambridge.

Andrew's research focuses on understanding and exploiting the dual roles of flexibility and disorder in functional materials. He and his team specialise in the development and application of diffuse scattering methods, which provide an experimental window into the atomic-scale structures of disordered solids. Andrew has used these approaches to resolve the nature of complexity in a range of different systems of both fundamental and technological importance.

Andrew has received several awards for his work in the field of materials chemistry, including the Harrison-Meldola, Marlow, Corday-Morgan, and Peter Day Prizes of the Royal Society of Chemistry. In 2018, he was named the inaugural Chemistry Laureate of the UK Blavatnik Awards for Young Scientists.

Professional position

  • Professor of Materials Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford

Subject groups

  • Astronomy and physics

    Crystallography, Magnetism, Statistical

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry, general, Chemistry, inorganic, Chemistry, materials, Chemistry, physical, Chemistry, theoretical

  • Engineering

    Materials science (incl materials engineering)

Professor Andrew Goodwin FRS
Elected 2023