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Andrew King

Professor Andrew King FMedSci FRS


Elected: 2018




Andrew King is a neuroscientist who works on hearing. He studies how the brain processes sound and integrates this with information provided by our other senses.

He discovered that the mammalian brain contains a spatial map of the auditory world and showed that its development is shaped by sensory experience. His work has also demonstrated that the adult brain represents sound features in a remarkably flexible way, continually adjusting to variations in the statistical distribution of sounds associated with different acoustic environments as well to longer term changes in input resulting from hearing loss. In addition to furthering our understanding of the neural basis for auditory perception, his research is helping to inform better treatment strategies for the hearing impaired. 

He has held a number of prestigious research fellowships and, in 2006, was appointed to a Wellcome Principal Research Fellowship, the most senior of the Wellcome Trust’s personal awards. He is a recipient of the Wellcome Prize Medal in Physiology and is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, the Physiological Society and Merton College.

Professional positions

Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow and Professor of Neurophysiology, Department Of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford