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Andrew Schofield

Professor Andrew Schofield

Professor Andrew Schofield


Andy Schofield is a theoretical physicist working in the area of condensed matter physics. His particular interest is in correlated electron physics where the combinations of quantum mechanics, strong interactions between electrons and the complexity of the environment in real materials combine to create novel emergent states of matter. His work spans studies of new superconducting materials, often found on the border of magnetism and associated quantum criticality, though to one-dimensional systems where the concept of the electron quasiparticle breaks down. He works closely with experimental physicists often developing phenomenological approaches to their results. His early work on the Hall effect and transport in the cuprates superconductors was cited in his Maxwell Medal award by the Institute of Physics. He and his co-workers developed the theory of the metamagnetic quantum critical end-point and applied it to the bilayer ruthenate material. More recently he has worked on how the Luttinger liquid state in one-dimension evolves at higher energy and momenta.


Research Appointment Panel A(iii)January 2012 - December 2018Member
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