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Avelino Corma Canos

Avelino Corma Canos

Professor Avelino Corma Canos ForMemRS

Foreign Member

Elected: 2012


Avelino Corma Canós is a chemist renowned for his work on heterogeneous catalysis, where the catalyst and reacting chemicals are in different phases — for example, one is a solid whilst the other is a liquid. He has developed many new catalysts that are widely used in the petrochemical industry, such as in hydrocarbon cracking. He holds over 100 patents, reflecting his exceptional skill as an inventor.

Avelino’s research on acid–base and redox types of reactions has provided insight into the properties of sites of catalytic activity. He is a leading authority on catalysts consisting of acids in solid form such as zeolite. Avelino has synthesised zeolites with extra-large pore active sites, which hold particular importance for improving the efficiency of oil refining processes.

Avelino has received numerous accolades including the Dupont Award, the F. Gault Award and the M. Boudart Award, as well as the Breck Award, the National Award of Science and Technology of Spain and the Grande Médaille of the French Académie des sciences.

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry, applied, Chemistry, materials
  • Engineering
    • Engineering, chemical
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