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Beatriz Olmos Sanchez

Dr Beatriz Olmos Sanchez

Dr Beatriz Olmos Sanchez

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Long-range interactions and collective dissipation in ultracold atomic lattices

Scheme: Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship

Organisation: University of Nottingham

Dates: Nov 2014-Apr 2020

Value: £423,003.62

Summary: Nowadays quantum mechanics is used not only to predict physical behaviour, but also to exploit quantum resources in paradigm changing applications such as quantum communication and computation. During the last couple of decades we have witnessed a revolution in the experimental realisation of these quantum systems. Ultracold atomic gases are nowadays routinely created and used for the study of complex many-body phenomena such as quantum phase transitions shedding light on open problems in condensed-matter physics. Considering this appealing landscape, my main research interests are currently: - The creation and analysis of many-body states with long-range interactions based on alkaline-earth-metal atoms, which open up a new route for the study of non-equilibrium quantum physics. - The phenomenon of glassiness from a quantum perspective. In particular, studying of how the existence of "quantumness" affect these well-studied and omnipresent classical systems and finding realistic quantum systems where this phenomenon arises. - The use of highly excited atoms (Rydberg) and their strong interactions for the implementation of correlated phases of matter. The overall aim of my research is to introduce a new line of thinking whose outcome could be controllable many-body models with tailored coherent and dissipative long-ranged interactions. Such systems find applications in quantum technology and at the furthermore allow to tackle some of the most fundamental questions in physics.

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