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Bryan Lapworth

Dr Bryan Lapworth

Research Fellow


Rolls Royce

Research summary

My research focuses on the coupling of different simulation codes when they are combined to produce a system level simulation capability, e.g. for fluid structure interaction or combustor turbine interaction. Once codes become embedded in systems this can act as a constraint on future developments to the codes that requirement changes to input and output formats. To resolve this, my research has focussed on a common API for the major CFD codes used by Rolls-Royce. This abstracts away the internal structure of the codes and their files, allowing the systems to be built independently of the CFD code. One of the key features of the research has been a new 'delayed name resolution' technique. The use of names and tagged entities is a well established way of identifying entities, e.g. boundaries, in a CFD or FEA mesh. However, the order of the names must be known in advance and this is generally stored with the mesh file. The delayed name resolution means that the ordering of names on the input file can be changed dynamically so that the system only needs to process the ones it is interested.

The impact of this work will be much improved robustness of system level simulations. For example the API has already been implemented in a code to couple CFD and FEA. This reduced the length of the coupling code by 2/3 over the exisiting bespoke reader and also gave a factor 3 improvement in the time required to converge the coupled system.

Grants awarded

CFD Algorithm Developments for Virtual Jet Engine Simulation and Design

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Dates: Jul 2008 - Jun 2012

Value: £119,029

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