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Carol Robinson

Professor Carol Robinson

Professor Carol Robinson

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Scheme: Royal Society Research Professorship

Organisation: University of Oxford

Dates: Apr 2011-Mar 2016

Value: £912,249.53

Summary: We have discovered a new way of looking at membrane proteins - the gatekeepers of all cells. This has enabled us to look at these complexes in a new environment and to challenge these complexes with drugs, lipids and ligands. Because we are studying these complexes in a new phase - that of the gas phase of the mass spectrometer we are able to see how they move, unfold and respond to activation. this is providing key information - important to nanotechnology and major pharma.

Scheme: Royal Society Research Professorship

Organisation: University of Oxford

Dates: Feb 2006-Jan 2016

Value: £1,044,835.61

Summary: my research programme is geared towards determing the strucutre and shape of protein complexes that are difficult to obtain by other methods, in advance of their high resolution structures. To do this we use mass spectrometry and ion mobility . This allows us to piece together protein complexes from their components and to assemble various models for testing. We apply this to very large heterogeneous and dynamic protein complexes since these are the ones that are most difficult to study by other means. Our recent advance with membrane protein complexes are particularly excting since this group of molecules are common drug targets and yet their structures remain elusive. We are hopeful that success in this area will be of high strategic importance for drug discovery since it will open up a new means of studying these intractable targets and assessing their drug binding charactersitics.

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Organisation: University of Cambridge

Dates: Oct 1995-Sep 2004

Value: £125,090.17

Summary: This project summary is not available for publication.

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