Professor Christofer Toumazou FMedSci FREng FRS

Christofer Toumazou is a remarkable electronic engineer who works to apply silicon-chip technology to medical devices for the 21st century. Whilst working on his PhD, he made a major advance that led to a radical transformation of analogue signal processing. By creating chips that use low-energy technology, he was able to develop devices that can perform data crunching at their site of operation.

Such devices are now being used to improve health monitoring and genetic testing, which have become multibillion-pound industries. As well as developing new technologies, Christofer founded a medical research institute at Imperial College London as well as three companies to commercialise his research.

Christofer has received a huge number of awards and honours in recognition of his work, including the prestigious European Inventor Award of the European Patent Office in 2014. He was appointed Regius Professor of Engineering at Imperial in 2013 — a rare privilege bestowed by Her Majesty The Queen to acknowledge exceptionally high standards of teaching and research.

Subject groups

  • Engineering

    Engineering, electronics, Engineering, semiconductors

  • Health and human sciences

    Medical instrumentation


  • Clifford Paterson Medal and Lecture

    On 'The bionic man'.

  • Gabor Medal

    For his success in applying semiconductor technology to biomedical and life-science applications, most recently to DNA analysis.

Professor Christofer Toumazou FMedSci FREng FRS
Elected 2008