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Christopher Schofield

Christopher Schofield

Professor Christopher Schofield FRS


Elected: 2013


Chris Schofield uses techniques from biochemistry and biophysics to conduct world-leading research into the functions of certain enzymes. He is particularly interested in the oxygenases, AlkB demethylase, and the beta-lactamases. Chris’s work is driven by a desire to produce interesting chemistry that also has potential medical and pharmaceutical uses.

Chris’s research on oxygenases is helping to reveal their role as sensors of oxygen availability in the body, which could lead to new medical treatments for cardiovascular disease and cancer. He is also uncovering the function of oxygenases and AlkB in DNA repair, with the potential for enhancing chemotherapy treatments. Chris’s investigation of beta-lactamases is crucial to better understanding antibiotic resistance.

In 2012, Chris was a finalist in the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Innovator of the Year awards. He also serves on the BBSRC Research Advisory Panel, and received the 2011 Jeremy Knowles Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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